How you can map students’ minds to help them

Scientists, faculty and students of the University of Sharjah (UoS) have been making a number of highly interesting presentations, based on their research projects and scientific studies, at the ongoing UAE Innovation Week in Sharjah, being celebrated from November 20 to 26 at Expo Centre Sharjah.

As part of its efforts to inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in its students and help them prepare for the challenges of the future, the university has included Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship as part of the course, said Dr Amel Ibrahim Al Ali, Assistant Professor of College of Business Administration, UoS.

Mind Mapping and Innovation

Making a presentation about “Mind Mapping and Innovation”, Dr Amel Ibrahim Al Ali, an Emirati professor who studied in UK, said mind mapping helps us understand our minds and unleash our potential. This is being used to help students understand their own latent potential and how they can generate creative ideas and innovate to help them later in their life, with their businesses, careers or whatever they do in life, she said.

“For instance, many of our students whose projects you see here today did not believe that they could create and innovate and come up with such fantastic projects,” she explained. “We are preparing them for the challenges for the future.”

Teaching innovation for future

Dr Al Ali explained how education combined with innovation can contribute to making a difference. “As part of the UAE’s Vision 2021, we need constant innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas to build a knowledge-based society and economy and a better life to reach our goal of happiness for all,” she emphasised. Mind mapping helps in creating the tools that can innovate and generate new ideas for a better life, such as delivering better government services and development, she added.

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