In icy Alaska, footwear options abound to stay upright

Residents of Alaska’s largest city grapple with icy streets up to seven months a year. Fortunately, there are a number of footwear options for staying upright.

A Canadian entrepreneur is offering a new style: boots with a button on the heel that triggers pop-out cleats on the sole. Click the button again and the cleats retract.

Darrell Bachmann has opened a store in Anchorage that sells his Kickspike boots.

Other Anchorage stores offer running shoes with cleats, overshoes with cleats or cleats that strap onto regular shoes.

The shoe buyer for Anchorage athletic store Skinny Raven says Alaskans embrace any tool that allows them to not only survive longer winters, but to conquer them.—AP

Image: Vimeo

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