Dubai Courts launches smart indicator

The Dubai Courts has launched ‘Rased,’ a judicial work indicator. The smart technical system provides a unified tool to enhance corporate governance, effectively attain strategic goals, and promote high excellence in its main operations.

The move is in line with the courts’ commitment to strengthen public confidence in both domestic and international judicial system by bolstering the local judiciary’s performance and efficiency based on justice, independence, transparency, accessible legal services, and fair and reliable implementation of laws and government regulations in line with Dubai Plan 2021.

Commenting on the announcement, Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts, said: “Rased enables a follow-up on strategic and operational performance and shows detailed indicators of the main operations, quality initiatives, and sub-services. It identifies the level and results of performance in a comprehensive and coherent way as well as inform customers about the results of the key processes in a transparent and credible manner.”


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