Dubai Chamber of Commerce will launch five new initiatives in 2017

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry will launch five new initiatives in 2017 to boost start-ups and entrepreneurs, while efforts to foster innovation and develop Dubai’s entrepreneurial ecosystem will remain a major priority for the chamber, revealed a senior official.

“With the UAE’s focus on instilling a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among young people under the directives of our wise leadership, Dubai Chamber is committed to supporting Dubai’s entrepreneurial community, as their success is essential to the growth of the emirate’s private sector and the wider economy,” said Essa Al Zaabi, Senior Vice-President, Institutional Support Sector, Dubai Chamber, and General Coordinator of Tejar Dubai.

The Dubai Chamber has stepped up its efforts to support the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in 2016 through a number of successful initiatives under the Tejar Dubai entrepreneurship development programme, as well as the DubaiStartUpHub platform and the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition.

Tejar Dubai received 28 business ideas over the course of the year, of which 14 were approved by a panel of judges.

Nine commercial projects were launched during the same period, bringing the total number of businesses established to date to 25.

Under the programme, 20 workshops and training sessions were held in 2016, attracting 800 participants.

Since its launch in 2013, Tejar Dubai has helped secure AED10 million in funding for programme participants through partnerships and agreements with banks and financial institutions.

Al Zaabi stated that since its inception Tejar Dubai has been successful in supporting young Emirati entrepreneurs to take their first steps into the business world, as the programme has helped turn creative ideas into a reality.

Al Zaabi explained that new initiatives launched by the Chamber such as the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition and DubaiStartupHub have complemented the Chamber’s efforts to foster a supportive environment for entrepreneurs, helping them realise their potential by providing the right platforms, technologies, training, mentoring and financial incentives.

Tejar Dubai, launched by Dubai Chamber, offers a specialised programme and platform for Emirati youth to help them establish their own small-to-medium-sized businesses. It provides them access to an extensive development programme, including classroom learning, on-site training, mentoring and business advice, as well as networking opportunities with local and international business leaders and access to investment capital.—WAM

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