Dubai gets advanced marine scraper to clean up creek and canal

Coinciding with the new maritime projects such as the Warf Deira, the facade of the new fish market, Dubai Water Canal and the increased maritime traffic in the Dubai Creek, the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality has received a new boat specially to clean Dubai Creek.

The new vessel will be put into service by early next year, raising the Municipality’s marine equipment fleet to 13, which vary in size and volume. The new vessel has the capacity to collect waste floating on the water surface of the creek, and is equipped with scrapers with sophisticated and advanced hydraulic system.

Eng. Abdul Majeed Sifai, Director of Waste Management Department, said that while selecting the vessel, it has been taken into account that the design of the marine scraper has some of the specifications that increase the operational efficiency rate.

“We aim to provide all marine equipments with the most advanced technologies in order to reduce human intervention in the sea clean-up operation of the scrapers. It has an added specification of remote control devices, as we are always striving to introduce innovative ideas and development in all waste management projects,” he said.

“Over the last five years, our creek clean up equipment fleet has been developed and updated, so we have received this new 44 feet long marine scraper with an estimated load capacity of 3 tonnes, to clean up floating waste in small-space sites. This is part of an effort towards turning our focus to the future, through optimal resource planning and how to employ them. This is to meet the future needs of equipments and mechanisms for clean water canals and creeks,” said Sifai.

Yaqoub Mohammed Al Ali, Head of Specialized Cleaning Section, said the Creek is a vital artery and waterfront as well as an important commercial and tourist window. “Recently the Dubai Creek area has been increased as a result of the expansion of its length and the establishment of the new Warf Deira. Therefore, it was necessary to increase our fleet too to cope with the expansion. This is because the distance of Dubai Creek, which extends from Jaddaf until Ras Al Khor area, is about 14 kilometers with the addition of the new Dubai Water Canal.”

“Over the past years 4,267 tonnes of floating waste has been removed resulting from the cleanup of creek water,” he added.

Picture source: Shihab/Khaleej Times


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