Dubai Police launches app for visually impaired

The Dubai Police have launched a smart service on their official app that analyses images for the blind and explain it to them phonetically. The service comes within the framework of the Government of Dubai to make the emirate disabled-friendly.

The General Directorate for Smart Services at the Dubai Police launched this smart service to help make life easier for the visually-impaired. Explaining how it works, a top official said phone cameras capture images and then the smart application analyses them. Then via the phone, the app explains what the images are.

Brigadier Khaled Nasser Al Razzuqi, director of smart services, stressed that the smart camera service for blind people relies on visual detection technology which is being applied for the first time in the Middle East. He noted that this service reflected the humanitarian side of the Dubai Police, which offer unique services to people with special needs.

The service can be activated on iPhone, he said, adding that people can log on to the Dubai Police app and the service can be accessed then just by shaking the phone. Once the service is activated, the user can press the smart camera button, which will take images. Then the application will analyses the pictures and give a commentary on them.

How it works?

The smart camera service analyses images for the blind and give a voice over about those pictures to the user.

Amira Agarib

Picture courtesy: Alamy Images

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