Albert Einstein as an educational robot

Professor Einstein, a miniature educational robot, looks eerily like the genius himself — complete with the crazy wiry hair.

The company behind it, Hanson Robotics, says it’s the first commercial robot with emotive features.

It’s one of dozens of robots on display at the CES tech show, which runs through Sunday in Las Vegas. One can mow your lawn; another folds your clothes.

Professor Einstein is expected to come out in March for about $300. The robot stands more than 14 inches tall and has soft skin. The company says it has 50 realistic expressions. It can stick his tongue out and move his eyes around to follow you.

The robot interacts with an Android or Apple tablet — not a smartphone — to teach science, math and other subjects. It recognizes your voice and responds to your questions. It also can offer weather updates and recite facts about famous people.

Andy Rifkin, chief technology officer at Hanson, says the company’s focus is to offer complex emotions. For those concerned about privacy, he says the robot’s camera tracks your face but doesn’t take photos.—AP

Image: AP

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