First 7billionideas workshop boosts entrepreneurial spirit among schoolgoers

Hundreds of schoolchildren, aged 3-11 and from private schools in Dubai, gathered at the Arcadia Preparatory School campus to discuss their unique ideas for a positive social cause.

Arcadia teamed up with the UK-based ideas company 7billionideas to teach young children the basics of entrepreneurship. Students, parents and top educationists from different nationalities engaged in the highly informative first workshop, spearheaded by 7billionideas CEO David Harkin. Rabea Ataya, CEO of the leading job portal, Navin Valrani, CEO of Arcadia Preparatory School, and Founding Principal Graham Beale interacted with all attendees.

Ataya delivered the opening speech to a packed auditorium and said, “The UAE has always had a long legacy that encourages young businessmen and women. The growth of this great nation is the direct result of a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Programmes like 7billionideas will foster this spirit and give birth to the next generation of entrepreneurs in the UAE.”

Commenting on the long-term benefits of the programme on students, Harkin said, “Arcadia is the first school in the Middle East to work in partnership with 7billionideas. The programme prepares students for long-term academic excellence and motivates them to work towards career achievements.”

The students attended a session hosted by Harkin and were encouraged to participate in several other activities designed to develop teamwork, presentation skills, public speaking and listening skills by combining idea generation and development. The event was open to students from across the Emirates.—WAM


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