Gemalto launches new encryption solutions to protect data

Digital security giant Gemalto on Monday launched two new solutions that provide fast speed, performance and security while encrypting data on Cloud, enterprise applications and high-speed corporate networks.

The new solutions are “SafeNet Luna HSM 7” and “SafeNet High Speed Encryptors”.

“As organisations increasingly embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based applications, their requirements to cope with big data are intensifying,” said Todd Moore, Senior Vice President of Encryption Products at Gemalto, in a statement.

The “SafeNet Luna HSM 7” (Hardware Security Module) offers most scalable platform to perform the highest number of simultaneous cryptographic operations including encryption, decryption, authentication and digital signing while providing tamper-resistant protection for cryptographic keys.

The 100-Gbps “SafeNet High Speed Encryptor” provides unmatched performance and security to protect data and sensitive communications across large-scale, high-capacity networks.

“Streamlined management of data security controls have become vital in securing data as it moves between enterprises, multi-cloud environments, networks and devices,” Moore added.


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