5 ways how flying cars will end road rage in Dubai

Now that we know that Dubai is set to see flying cars soon, residents are amazed that this thing of science fiction is now turning into reality.

The EHANG184 was unveiled at the World Government Summit last week. The Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) is set to take to the skies by July this year.

But how exactly are these flying cars going to help the average Dubai resident out? Here are some reasons.

Remember the horror of being stuck in rush hour traffic going from Dubai to Sharjah and vice versa? With Dubai’s flying car, your dread of Sharjah traffic is virtually nil. Wear a smile on your face as you reach home in 30 minutes (even fewer!)


Everybody knows that finding parking in Dubai Mall (even getting there) on the weekends is near impossible. Thanks to the flying car’s dedicated landing areas, you can shop for the latest deals in town and have a coffee worry free. Never break into a sweat in the hot parking lot trying to remember where your car is ever again!

Never miss a turn ever again

We all have that one friend that either lives in JLT or Marina. Missing your exit when you try to visit them happens. A LOT. When you’re high up in the sky, circling back a long distance is a thing of the past.

Forget about petrol too

Apart from the already amazing fact that it’s a car that flies, it also doesn’t consume petrol. The vehicle is 100% powered by electricity. No more petrol bills and long queues at the stations!

Have a smooth ride. Literally

One of the EHANG184’s notable safety features is that in case of a malfunction, the vehicle immediately lands at a safe location. You no longer have to worry about your car breaking down along Sheikh Zayed Road and you having to struggle to find jumper cables.

Keith Pereña/Khaleej Times

Picture source: RTA/YouTube

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