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InvestUAE, a joint collaboration between the Trade and Commercial Office at the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the US-UAE Business Council, have produced their first report titled “The Entrepreneurial Emirates: The UAE’s Startup Ecosystem and Opportunities for US Investors”, promoting UAE as the regional hub for startups and providing resources for investors.

A magnet for regional entrepreneurs seeking to start or scale businesses, the UAE has always been known for its ease of business and open door policies. This is particularly true for businesses in the e-commerce sector, where the country has given rise to blockbuster successes such as

InvestUAE’s new report highlights sector specific opportunities in the UAE, proven best practices, successful examples as well as resources for those exploring building or expanding their startups in the UAE and investors with lists of funds and up-to-date prospects.

UAE provides a business-friendly environment with low taxes, favorable regulations, strong government backing of SMEs as well as numerous co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators, training programs, and networking opportunities to get new businesses off the ground.

According to Saud Al Nowais, Trade and Commercial Counselor in Washington, D.C., “enterprising US investors looking to explore the UAE will find numerous startups that are set up to succeed by strong underlying economic currents and a supportive ecosystem with a demand for venture capital and attractive valuations for promising ventures and access intriguing opportunities in the wider Middle East Africa South Asia (MEASA) region”.

During a recent launch of InvestUAE’s report, US-UAE Business Council President Danny Sebright noted, “These opportunities are only increasing as attitudes and philosophies toward venture capital rapidly shift for the better and as legal and business reforms accelerate in the UAE and the wider Gulf region.”

A complete copy of the “Entrepreneurial Emirates” report can be found here. Additional information can also be found at a new website,, which provides a high-level overview of the benefits the UAE provides for both startups and investors.—WAM

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