Trak N Tell adds Hindi support in its app

Domestic vehicle telematics technology startup Trak N Tell on Monday announced addition of Hindi support in its app.The addition was aimed at helping Hindi-speaking user-base of the app, many of whom are truck drivers with logistics companies.

“We realised that a major chunk of our user-base is Hindi-speaking and they had difficulty in reading notifications and any other information in English. Some of these users are truck drivers of various logistics companies that use our telematics solutions,” said Pranshu Gupta, Founder and CEO, Trak N Tell, in a statement.

The app uses telematics which combines a GPS system with on-board diagnostics to monitor vehicles.

The company is also planning to add other languages like French and German for its European customers.

Earlier this year, the company launched ‘Intelli7+,’ a vehicle security system with features like security alarm and live tracking.


Picture source: Alamy Image

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