Ericsson launches small cell solutions to improve network coverage

In a bid to provide better mobile coverage and prepare networks for 5G, global tele-communications service provider Ericsson on Wednesday launched three new scalable small cell solutions—“Multi-Operator Dot”, “Multi-Dot Enclosure” and “Strand-Mount Unit”.
The “Multi-Operator Dot” solution delivers a set of ‘Radio Dots’ that can be shared between multiple network operators, similar to an active distributed antenna system (DAS) for indoor deployments.

The “Multi-Dot Enclosure”, which is useful for multi-operator deployments, combines multiple ‘Radio Dots’ in a single enclosure providing a cost-saving option in buildings that charge per box deployed.

“With ‘Multi-Operator Dot’ and ‘Multi-Dot Enclosure’, our customers can enhance the in-building user experience with excellent connectivity for both smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices,” Nishant Batra, Head of Product Area Network Infrastructure, Ericsson, said in a statement.

The “Strand-Mount Unit” for outdoor micro radios makes it easier to install the radios on the existing grid, hung on aerial coax, fibre or electricity cables. It can support up to four micro radios, enabling multiple operators to utilise the same mount for cost-efficient deployments.

”The ‘Strand-Mount Unit’ for outdoor micro radios facilitates the dense deployments that will be required for 5G,” Batra added.

The company’s new small cell solutions will be on display at the inaugural “Mobile World Congress Americas” from September 12 to 14 this year and commercially available in 2018.


Picture courtesy: Alamy

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