Artificial intelligence-enabled app for live bus info and more

An artificial intelligence-enabled app launched by the West Bengal government lets commuters know about the real-time location of over 700 state-run buses and other related information, an official said on Friday.

According to Rachpal Singh, Chairman of West Bengal Transport Corporation, the app called “Patha Disha” once downloaded on one’s phone can inform on availability of seats and specific buses and estimated time of arrival at the destination. It even provides data on how crowded the bus is.

“The app was launched in sync with the prepaid electronic transport card. The app analyses commuter behaviour, commuting pattern and feedback for smooth service. The real-time tracking services and prepaid system will be extended to trams and waterway transit services as well,” Singh said.

The prepaid card is modelled on London’s Oyster Card which is plastic pay-as-you-go card. Users are entitled to all public transport options such as bus, Tube, tram, London Overground, rail, River Bus and most National Rail services within London.

Under the revamped public transport system in Kolkata, buses will be equipped with GPS and CCTV cameras.

In case of accidents, the app can be used to alert police, hospitals and fire stations.—IANS

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