Sharjah FDI woos British investors

The Sharjah FDI office (Invest in Sharjah) recently concluded its participation at the inaugural edition of the Foreign Direct Investment Expo 2016 (FDI Expo) in London.The FDI Expo gathered more than 3,500 speakers and visitors and served as a key platform for Invest in Sharjah to highlight competencies in multiple Sharjah markets and its role as the UAE’s industrial capital.

The Expo explored global FDI ventures which the UK can benefit from, especially post Brexit. Invest in Sharjah highlighted initiatives that British investors can capitalise on across markets in Sharjah, especially in its industrial sector.

Mohammad Al Musharrkh, director of Sharjah FDI Office

“Keeping track with the latest trends and investment opportunities with UK markets has always been our top priority. Our participation at the FDI Expo enabled us to do so. It also enabled us to share our brand and vision to a crowd of industry-leading experts from 80 regions,” said Mohammad Al Musharrkh, director of Sharjah FDI Office.

He added: “We highlighted some of the main drivers that have positioned Sharjah as the industrial capital of the UAE, including legislations and tax-free operations, and shared key insights on how these advantages position Sharjah as a strategic partner for UK markets and investors when going global with their investments.”


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