Emirati’s 30,000 flags home decoration on National Day

Emirati Humaid Obaid celebrated the National Day by decorating his house with flags – not one, 10 or 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000 – but a whopping 30,000 of them!

“It was not an easy job, but a task that took one week, but shared by all members of my family, workers, as well as the staff of the company I bought the flags from,” Obaid told Khaleej Times. Obaid, who lives in the Al Shaabiya Al Hamra area behind a radio station office in the emirate, told Khaleej Times on Sunday that he preferred to mark the event by decorating his entire house with thousands of UAE flags. Bu he also did not want to reveal the cost of creating this ‘flag oasis’.

“I cannot put a price on something I give to my beloved country,” he said. “This is the least a true Emirati, who loves his nation, can do. I did nothing extraordinary, and I always mark the National Day by decorating my entire house every year.” Obaid Humaid, Obaid’s elder son – named after the latter’s father – told Khaleej Times that all the family members were so keen to be part of the annual extravaganza. “We decorate the entire house with all types and sizes of the UAE flags.” Showing patriotism in many ways The 56-year-old Obaid, who is a retired employee of the Ministry of Education, has even taken this “competition of showing loyalty” to the country, to a higher level. “I have also run a number of heritage evenings in my house for Emirati poets, to read out their love to the country and leadership.”

A large number of citizens and expats turn up at these soirées-cum-conferences to share the inspiring occasions of Commemoration Day and National Day. December 2 is a big day in the history of the UAE, Obaid added. “It reminds us of our mighty achievements, our shiny story of progress, security, safety, stability, welfare and prosperity.” Such quantum leaps happened in almost no time thanks to the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the nation, Obaid noted.

“This great and exceptional man has taught his people how to love, help and support each other, how to be committed to our work, and sacrifice whatever it takes for the best of our country.”

Such noble values are the main “ingredients” of the UAE’s robust civilisation, he underlined.

“It is the duty and responsibility of us all, whether nationals of residents to pay back, even part of the debt, to this great and caring country and leadership.”

Commemoration Day is another big event that deserves to be observed to pay tribute to the UAE fallen heroes, and always remember their unique sacrifices in defending our way of life and country, Obaid urged.

“It can never be a one-day event. It is, rather, an unforgettable lesson that tells the story of those brave servicemen who were martyred while performing their national duty.”


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