UAE-based DarkMatter takes part in IEEE World Forum on IoT

DarkMatter, an international cyber security firm headquartered in the UAE, has announces its participation at the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, IoT, conference, taking place between 12th and 14th December in Washington DC.

Dr. David Kravitz, DarkMatter’s Vice President of Crypto Research Systems, is set to deliver a keynote address on ‘Blockchain – Compatible Identity & Access Management for IoT’. Kravitz will also chair a workshop on ‘IoT Security and Privacy – Architectures & Deployments’, and take part in another workshop on ‘User Centric Security, Privacy and Interoperability in the context of Internet of Things and Smart Cities’.

This third edition of the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things event will gather industry leaders, academics and decision making government officials to meet and discuss critical success factors for the interconnected cyber environment. IoT envisions a highly networked environment, where every object is integrated to interact.

Dr. Najwa Aaraj, DarkMatter’s Senior Vice President of Special Projects, commented, “This is an important event, and we are pleased to be supporting it and having a strong presence over its three days. Our work in the areas of blockchain and other fundamental cyber security-related projects, which are all aimed at making cyber-space more trusted and secure, are gaining significant momentum. We view the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things as a prime opportunity to interact with a range of stakeholders, exchange information, and build strategic relationships.”

Events such as the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things allows stakeholders from the public sector as well as private sector representatives to come together with a view to developing winning partnerships.

Topics to be addressed at the event include ‘Best Practices in Industrial IoT Cybersecurity Industry Forum’, ‘IoT Governance in the USA – Policy Challenges and Issues Industry Forum’, ‘IoT: a Great Opportunity for Emerging Economies? Industry Forum’, and ‘IPv6-based IoT Deployment Around the World Industry Forum’, among others.

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