Sheraa team wins top spot in hackathon for Fintech innovation

Sheraa has announced its sponsorship of ten students participating at the recently held GlassQube Startup Weekend FinTech Hackathon in Abu Dhabi.

As part of the global movement coordinated by TechStars and supported by ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’, this year’s GlassQube Startup Weekend competition gathered developers, designers and ‘ideators’ in the UAE and challenged them to build a functional minimum viable product within 54 hours for a chance to win cash and non-cash prizes valued at over AED500,000.

Najla Al-Midfa, General Manager of Sheraa, said, “Supporting young talent in the region and channeling their creative spirit towards entrepreneurship is at the core of our efforts. The Hackathon was a grueling competition that tested the participants’ knowledge, innovative thought and mental endurance. We believe that if the youth are surrounded with a strong support ecosystem, their age is not a barrier to pursue excellence, and this is what we endeavoured to do by sponsoring students as young as sixteen and the results speak for themselves. We want to play our part in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs focus on the task at hand and not be daunted by challenges.”

Sana Rahim, Lead Organiser and Branding and Marketing Consultant, Startup Weekend Abu Dhabi, said, “Sheraa belongs to a new breed of incubators that gives everyone an equal chance regardless of their age. The will to be an entrepreneur emanates from passion, and passion is ageless. They help startups take that plunge with undivided guidance and support.”

Sheraa is dedicated to providing the youth of the UAE and the region with the relevant platforms to explore this passion, and launch their journeys towards developing impactful businesses. Through sponsorship drives and collaboration, it is helping to shape youths to become productive and inspirational individuals for a better future.—WAM


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