Bahrain Crown Prince witnesses innovation, research during visit to Khalifa University

The focus on innovation and research were on display during the visit to Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi yesterday by Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, the High Commander Deputy and the First Deputy of the Prime Minister.

Dr. Aref Sultan Al- Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University, briefed the Crown Prince about the future plans and goals for the university, along with the advanced scientific methods that encourage creativity, innovation and advanced scientific research among its students.

Further, the Crown Prince visited a number of research facilities at the university, including the Emirates Center for Innovation in Communication Technology (EPTIC), the Analysis and Processing of Visual Signals Research Center, Khalifa University Center of Excellence in Biotechnology, Khalifa University Center for Robotics, the Aviation Innovation Research Center, and the Human Movement Laboratory. He also had the opportunity to review research being carried on in these centers, and spoke to both students and researchers about their projects.

Prince Salman praised the spirit of Khalifa University in its focus on quality and innovation, as it closely followed the plans and goals established by its founders when it was established nine years ago.

He further noted how the university’s patents and specialized research centers are the result of the wise vision of the UAE leadership, seeking to bolster the position of the UAE as a technological center driven by a sustainable economy, along with the commitment of the university in supporting and empowering its students.

Khalifa University was recently recongised as among the finest Arab universities, and is considered to be among the top contributors in the sponsorship of patents, along with seeking to promote its regional and international position as a research and innovation center by providing advanced research facilities and creating an environment that supports innovation.

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