Electric abras serve visitors at Dubai’s Global Village

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has deployed six electric-powered abras for visitors of Global Village, which opened early last month.

Visitors can enjoy the abras on the Global Village canal, which runs in an arc within the premises.

“RTA always seeks to provide abra services with the start of the Global Village events in November each year, especially as the ridership of abras had clocked 134,738 riders in the last season of the Global Village,” said Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Marine Transport, RTA Public Transport Agency.

“This figure is indicative of the substantial contribution of abras in supporting the tourist activities in the Global Village, which span several months each year. The service is part of our vision to generate an added positive experience to this recurrent annual event as evidenced by the huge numbers of people including residents and visitors.”

“RTA is keen on running integrated transit services including electric abras, to meet the growing public demand and realize its vision of Safe & Smooth Transport for All. In collaboration with the Global Village management, RTA provides stylish mobility options featuring modern and environment-friendly transit means with heritage-inspired design. Through this coordination, RTA would do what it takes to run diverse mobility means for Global Village visitors to maximize their enjoyment of the lovely wintry conditions each year,” added Al Falasi.

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